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We can help grow your community, deliver events and training and provide consulting services to help your brand and your people grow in the emerging tech space

Community Building

We build communities in emerging tech including:

  • Women in Emerging Tech
  • Women in Blockchain
  • Student communities
  • Blockchain and AI community

Events & Education

We curate conferences ensuring a cross section of diversity and emerging tech skills.

We help promote and market to our community of thousands of participants


We partner with your organisation to help solve your tech problems.

We have a team of experts available in emerging tech including: Blockchain, AI, Cyber, Gaming, Robotics, IOT

Talent Services

Emerging talent offers:

Recruitment, Head Hunting, Learning and Development and Outsourced HR Services

Emerging Tech Hub - HR Navigates Technology Revolution - Crypto Corner with BTC Markets on Ticker News

Karen Cohen, Founder Emerging Tech Hub was interviewed by Caroline Bowler, CEO BTC Markets on the intersection between HR and Emerging Technology including Crypto, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence. The discussion included how to build inclusive communities, what are the current use cases for Blockchain in Business and HR and how to prepare your workforce for the future in Emerging Tech.

Technologies we work with

        These are only some of the technologies we work with.

Blockchain & Cyber

Got an idea you want to build on the blockchain or need help to grow your community, access to student community we can help you grow and educate the community on your product

AI - Artificial Inteligence

With a full suite of AI consultants we can run workshops , train your team and build your AI skills to make them more productive.

IoT - Internet of Things

Through our partnerships, we can help integrate IOT into your business.

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