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The Landscape of Business
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Emerging TechTalent is an outsourced HR consultancy helping you to future proof your business. We combine HR Strategy and knowledge of the start up tech space to help grow great businesses.

We believe that people are at the heart of every great business. to achieve real growth, businesses need to continuously refine the way they measure, manage and train their people to ensure they performing at their best and have the skills they will require for an ever-evolving future.

The Emerging Tech landscape requires your team to be open to the changes that are coming. We specialise in helping businesses to be nimble, open to change and to have the right place at the right time, with the right skills.

Why Outsource HR?

Not every business needs a full time HR resource and not every HR person has the skills required for all the tasks required. Outsourcing HR means you are only paying for the resources required as and when you need them.

The outsourced HR services we offer include:

  • Defining role descriptions, KPI’s and measurement metrics
  • Performance Management advice and support
  • Recruitment, engagement and retention
  • HR Technology Implementation Including Payroll, HRIS, Time Sheeting, Scheduling and other systems.
  • Outsourced payroll and immigration solutions and support
  • Community Building, Events and brand Building Strategies
  • Training and Development
  • Renumeration and Bonus Strategies
  • Employment Documentation- including employment contracts
  • Leadership, Emerging Leaders and team building training
  • Restructuring advice and project management
  • Speaking opportunities on the future of work
  • Mentoring and supporting Female Founders
  • Emerging Tech Meetups and Webinars
  • Support with Blockchain and Emerging Tech Talent
  • Help with JobKeeper and restructuring following end of job keeper
  • HR and Business Strategy Planning

Karen Cohen - Founder and Director

  • Grad Dip HRM, B Science – 20+ years HR and Talent Management for global consulting brands such as Mckinsey and Accenture
  • Specialising in small to medium business outsourced HRM
  • Ran Leadership Programs for Proclaim Insurance, Forethought Research
  • Program & Community Manager for Inspiring Rare Birds
  • Managed Blockengine Incubator 2018
  • AHRI and Best Place to Work Award Winner
  • Passionate about leadership development, women’s entrepreneurship and emerging technology
  • Deputy Chair Blockchain Australia Board
  • Co-Organiser Women in Blockchain Melbourne
  • Previous Expert in Residence Stone & Chalk
  • Founder Women In Emerging Tech Group

Emerging Tech Talent

Emerging Tech Talent is pleased to host Women in Emerging Technology (WiET) with the purpose of creating an event and networking space for women to learn about the different types of emerging technology in a safe space where questions can be asked and women can learn the vocabulary associated with tech, encouraging women to join the conversation and potentially join the industry.

Women also face a lack of opportunity and exposure to tech and have a confidence gap some of the softer skills required to build confidence and network will be included in the program.

The types of tech covered will include Blockchain, AI, Cyber, Finch/Payments, Blockchain across industries: Finance, Supply Chain, Medical, AgTech, Govt, Sextech, ID, Future of jobs and work.

Click on the Meetup logo below to join Women in Emerging Tech Meetup Group:


Are Robots going to...

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