Diversion and Inclusion Policy

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Diversion and Inclusion Policy

Emerging Tech Talent (ETT) recognises the importance of ensuring diverse and inclusive representation at all events in our Web3 ecosystem.

We are committed to promoting a culture that aligns with the champions of change coalition, enabling women to be visible role models in our technological space. We pledge that our employees are valued for their strengths and that each employee is treated with respect for the unique abilities they bring to our team.

ETT recognises that there are distinct demographic groups that have long been disadvantaged. We recognise that sexism, racism, ageism and other forms of discrimination are problems for our society as a whole. ETT is committed to tackling cultural stereotypes both within and outside our organisation.

We have undertaken the Champions of Change panel pledge to ensure gender and diversity balance at all our events, we ask that conferences and events include a diverse range of participants, embracing diversity and inclusiveness with regards to keynote speakers and panels.

Lack of diversity limits the quality of conversations and we recognise that diversification breeds unique capabilities, experiences and environments. We believe in encompassing differences in ethnicity, gender, language, age, sexual orientation, religion, socio-economic status, physical and mental ability, thinking styles, experience and education. We value such differences at all levels of the company in the work that we do and the companies we align with.

We believe gender imbalance at events is entirely solvable. As such, all ETT’s sponsorship recipients must comply with diversity as a condition of sponsorship for both events and educational purposes.

Speakers at events organised, supported or endorsed by ETT must also represent our diversity and inclusion policy appropriately and all efforts must be taken to ensure panels have diverse representation and include speakers from diverse backgrounds. ETT sponsored events should be signed off by a member of the ETT team before being published.

We have taken the Champions of Change Panel Pledge and encourage all of our partners, suppliers and customers to do the same.