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Established as an outsourced HR consultancy by our Founder Karen Cohen, Emerging Tech HUB has quickly become the go to consultancy in the Emerging Tech space for support in building communities and technology consutancy.


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We can help grow your community, deliver events and training and provide consutancy services to help your brand and grow in the emerging tech space.


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Karen is an authentic leader and an exceptional connector who is generous, heart centered and known for elevating those around her. Karen is motivated by the achievement of goals and milestones resulting in the success and achievement of her clients, peers & colleague's.
Karen is a pleasure to work with. She is extremely supportive and patient, which combined with a commercial pragmatism, allows her to be a very valuable resource and trusted colleague. As an experienced HR practitioner, Karen is able to assist with a broad range of needs and is always able to provide clear advice and support across the full spectrum of HR and talent management issues. Karen is also building a formidable understanding of the blockchain eco-system within Australia and playing a significant role in promoting career opportunities for women within that space.
As the head of the Blockchain Centre, of which Huobi Australia was a major sponsor Karen was instrumental in assisting Huobi enter the Australian market. Generous to a fault with her time, energy, and contacts she has become a highly influential member of the Blockchain/crypto space in Australia. She is a well sought after public speaker and is a true believer in the future of the space.
Karen has been phenomenal in her commitment towards building the blockchain ecosystem in Australia and beyond. She is well-connected in the industry and is a trusted advisor to many entrepreneurs and organisations. Karen is also a champion for women playing leadership roles in blockchain which is something that is much needed in a typically male-oriented space. Looking forward to seeing her success and following her journey!
I was lucky enough to enjoy 12 weeks with Karen whilst running and Engage & Grow program in her organization. Karen has great communication skills, down to earth and she an ability to draw out peoples emotions and stories. A truly transformational experience that left me feeling energized as I watched Karen lead and Coach. My advice is to not miss an opportunity to work with Karen, she has makes magic happen.
I had the good fortune to hire Karen at the end of 2017 to work on Blockchain Centre HR policies and help with our business processes. Being so experienced in HR, she made a positive impact to the business straight straight away. As the Blockchain Centre increased its revenue streams, Karen moved into managing all areas of the centre operations and innovating new service offerings to the startup community. Karen has worked very hard to gain the understanding and knowledge required to competently speak about blockchain technology, develop new business relationships and maintain existing ones, fundamental to the centres success, and to be the leader of the Blockchain Centre startup community hub. Nothing is out of reach for Karen as she is highly adaptive, passionate, hard working and has a very caring, patient and understanding nature. I cannot recommend Karen highly enough to any future employer or collaborator, who will have privilege to work with Karen.
Karen is excellent to work with - Hardworking, professional, responsive and caring. She is well liked by staff and management alike and is an integral part of the team. I recommend Karen both personally and professionally.

Amy-Rose Goodey

Blockchain | Cryptocurrency | Medtech | Making The World A Better Place

Dr Damian Collins, MAPS, DPsych

Experienced CommercialmBehavioural Scientist & Insights Professional

Adrien Harrison

Corporate advisory and capital introduction

Jason Lee

Chief Operating Officer of Algorand Foundation

Rich Maloney

Founder & CEO | Podcaster | 3 x Author | Keynote Speaker

Martin Davidson

Bitcoin, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency educator, entrepreneur and business advisor

Geoff Swaine

Global Channel Leader across Cloud, Tech Alliances, IOT, Store and Marketplaces, Alliances Program Strategist

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